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Shipping Within the U.S.

The cost of shipping USPS "First Class" within the Continental U.S. is included in the sale price.

Although no insurance or tracking is included with "First class", I've had good luck.

They usually take a week or less to arrive (not bad!).

If they are lost in transit though, I cannot be responsible for free replacement.

Email me if concerened & we can bump-up shipping options via paypal invoice, etc.

If there are three pair or more, their weight automatically makes them "Priority" with a tracking # and are insured for 50 bucks. There is no extra charge for this because of sales volume.


International Shipping

Once you have placed an order, I weigh your package and unless otherwise requested, obtain two options at different price / benefit levels for you to choose from: USPS First Class Intl. or USPS Priority Intl.


Once you decide, I'll send you a separate PayPal Money Request via your email address for the amount.

Once paid, ZOOM, off they go!

If they are lost in transit, I cannot be responsible for free replacement.

You CAN buy extra insurance and or pay for Express intl. shipping if in a hurry to receive them.....Email me if you want it!


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