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Snarky Puppy,  Banda Magda, Yo-Yo Ma,

Clarice Assad,  J-Squad, Charlie Hunter...

"Dave Deming. He is the guy Makes this beautiful sticks called Dem'Sticks in my hand.
Check it out. It has nice sound it self.
I used a lot for recording and live performance!

And he can make any size length etc...
He came to see post concert last night at Empac.
Thank you Dave!!!

Screen Shot 2023-07-27 at 12.09.10 PM.png

Mauricio ("Fritz") Lewak

Treat yourself to a great show on PBS / Austin City Limits by watching Jackson Browne's jaw dropping band, and Mauricio flying DEM'Sticks Zebra Fans (first tune "I'm Alive") and the O.P.S. series on the second tune ("The Long Way Around"). They are some of the best folks in the business, wow!

Eric Parker


"DEM'Sticks are awesome Dave, I'm a believer !!"


  " Yes! The Demsticks are a VITAL part of the folk rock sound of the Pousette-Dart band!! Thanks Dave Deming!!! 


  Eric Parker has recorded and toured with many artists over the years.  A short list here;

Joe Cocker, Steve Winwood, Mick Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat, James Taylor, Pete Townshend, Ben E. King, The Pousette-Dart Band, Orleans, Simon and The Bar Sinister's,John Sebastian, Paul Butterfield, The Clash,Kingfish, Ian Hunter Band (feat Mick Ronson), Madonna, John Hall, Marc Black , The Fabulous Rhinestones, Bob Dylan, Cornell Dupree, Andy Pratt, Carly Simon, Meg Johnson, Jenni Muldaur, Mark Donato, Kurt Henry, Todd Rundgren, Public Enemy, Valerie Carter, Rick Danko and Lou Reed.




       Marcelo Woloski

      Percussionist / Composer

              SNARKY PUPPY               

    "These are seriously amazing"!

             "They feel great!"


Bertram Lehmann

"Another brief shout-out to DEM' Sticks and mentioning of how lovely African Fans can sound. In a combination with a bare hand, sabar style, this totally unique tool has become a favorite of mine, often in conjunction with a regular stick or brush, for cymbal playing, but this is another great way to utilize its light yet strong sound ... 
Thanks Dave!"

Bertram Lehmann is an Assistant Professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music and a member of the adjunct faculty at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA. He possesses a flexible and fluid style of drumming within a multitude of musical contexts including Jazz, Latin, World Music and Classical. He continues to record and perform with many acclaimed artists in Boston, New York, and elsewhere. 

He performs and records collaboratively with such talents as Antonio Sanchez, Paquito D'Rivera, Luciana Souza, The Caribbean Jazz Project, Danilo Perez, Mango Blue Natraj.  Tours, to name a few, have included India, Spain, Ghana, Ecuador, 

Turkey, Israel, Korea, Mexico, Germany and with BMT’s Russian and Korean trips.  

Jerry Leak

Berklee Global Jazz Institute, Professor Berklee Percussion Department, Professor, Jazz and CL Departments at New England Conservatory,

owner of Rhombus Publishing.

"Hey Dave, I've been using your sticks down here (Berklee's trip to Panama with Wayne Shorter). The African fans are a HUGE asset to my colors and sounds! Really need to get them out into the world! I may need some more when I get back!"



Swedish Master percussionist Andre' Ferrari (BOKANTE', Vassen...) plays a modified "OMAR LIGHT" bundle with ball striker.


New Orleans, Louisiana

"My man! I played em at Snug Harbor and Blue   Nile last week. They set such a unique vibe, I love em!"


Pinch me! Is this real?


Yes Ladies & Gents, it is.

Charlie plays a traditional wire brush and an African Fan on the song, "Little Rain" on their "Blue and Lonesome" CD.

ALSO: They were in the stick bag on the "No Filter" tour 2019!

The Sticks have been passed on. 

Check out Steve Jordan talking about DEM'Sticks O.P.S. Series on the video page!

Is that a lick from "Angie" he just played?!

Allison Miller!!!

The amazing Allison Miller!

Check her out on the video page

...and at

“Demsticks are the answer to what I have always been looking for in brush/stick/ multi-rod technology and application.   

Dave’s creativity has produced a tool for every need in this area. Whatever length, girth or weight one could desire, he has the product!”

"People I have played or am playing with are; Joe Lovano, Ed Schuller, Ken Werner, Nina Sheldon, Judy Silvano, Perry Robinson, Glenn Moore, Cameron Brown, Andy Statman, Sheila Jordan, Ray Nance, Art Davis, Jaki Byard, Paul McCanless, Julian Priester, Gary Peacock, Peggy Stern, Bert Wilson, Diane Schurr, Stanley Cowell, Mal Waldron, Daved Friesen, Jim Pepper, Red Rodney, Itzhak Perlman, Arnie Lawrence, James Moody, Kirk Leitsey, Avishai Cohen, Wayne Horvitz, John Abercrombie, Drew Gress, Rob Scheps, Mike Bisio, Don Friedman, James Emery, Tony Malaby, Essiet Essiet, Santi Debriano, Vic Juris, Harvey Wainapel, Peter Barshay and Mel Martin among many others. Now performing with my own group, The Bob Meyer Project. We are: Steve Frieder on Saxophones, Luke Franco, Guitar and Motoki Mihara on Bass Violin and myself on Drums and Cymbals. I am also performing with the Alt.Timers- Denman Maroney Piano, Ratzo Harris on Bass Violin and me on Drums and Cymbals."

Bob Meyer


Tommy Alisi

How great to catch drummer Tommy Alisi flyin' those DEM'Sticks around in concert with BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet!! 

Billy Ware

Percussionist for BeauSoleil : "BeauSoleil will be in Western Massachusetts in a few days where I will have an opportunity to speak with Dave Deming, the head and hands behind DEM' Sticks. The rods and brushes that Dave crafts are a favored implement of musical persuasion in our band. See ya soon Dave". 

Marcio Doctor

Happy to have made it into (Grammy Award winning)

Marcio Doctor's stick bag!

Marcio has been a regular member of the NDR Big-Band (the Hamburg Radio Jazz Orchestra) and has also performed / recorded with Jacob Collier, Vince Mendoza, Carla Bley, Jim Beard, Peter Erskine, Quincy Jones, the Brecker brothers and countless others.


Photo Credit: Steven Haberland

Marcio Doctor - DemSticks-2.jpg


Gustavo Ovalles

The great Afro-Cuban pianist, Omar Sosa!!

Omar sometimes plays the African fans on the piano strings or against themselves to add "organic texture" to his immeasurably beautiful piano playing.

Photo: @sinabasilafoto


Gustavo Ovalles

The amazing Venezuelan percussionist tours with Afro-Cuban Pianist Omar Sosa, Seckou Keita, Yilin Canizares, David Murray.

Here he is, this fun night, holding his new, custom blue and white Spectrums & Zebra Fans.


Lukmil Perez

Lukmil has recently finished an engagement at Ronnie Scott's (London) with Omar Sosa's fantastic quartet. His deep sense of time is jaw dropping.

Dame Evelyn Glennie

 "I’ve been using a couple of sets in my recent concerts which I love. I had packed a couple of sets for Chile too. They’re really useful for all sorts of playing and instruments, especially in recording situations so I have appreciated having such a selection to work with."

Matthew Gold

I highly encourage fans of contemporary symphonic music to check out percussionist Matthew Gold who plays with the amazing NYC based Talea Ensemble.   

Matthew is also a percussionist / mallet player with Talujon Percussion Group!


Rafi Zabor

NYC  Jazz Critic, drummer and author of,

The Bear Comes Home, was kind enough to offer needed grammatical  corrections to this site and some good words of his own...


"Beautiful objects to make fine sounds with".

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