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  DEM'Sticks TM 


              African Fans TM



DEM'Sticks were created by California drummer, master craftsman and cabinetmaker

Dave Deming with the idea of enjoying warmer sounding, more resilient bundle rod drum sticks.


Bundles and Fans are now typically 15" long; the PERFECT LENGTH!

AFRICAN FANS have become a real favorite of many  percussionists and drummers! 


Their truly unique sonic texture (brushy / crunchy) is a pleasant surprise. These flat "fans" have more attack than wire brushes yet can be played with great sensitivity.


GET FUNKY with them too!  Nice rim shot & slapping effects.


Order 40, 50, 60 reeds per Fan or, contact me for more exotic, 80, 100, even 200 (!) reeds per Fan.   AND NOW...CUSTOM COLORS TOO ! See "CUSTOMIZATION" page.





Do you provide International delivery?  YES

Go to the "SHIPPING!" PAGE for details....


What is your returns policy?


If you are a first time buyer, try them and don't like the sound, feel, or longevity (within three months from purchase date) just contact me & I'll return your money; no need to return the sticks.

They can, for some players, take a while to "discover the feel" and applications.

If the sticks are actually defective, e-mail me and describe what happened & I'll either return your money or send you a new pair (your choice).

I cannot, though, be responsible for mishandeling. 

Individual rods on the sticks WILL break if not handled with care in and out of your stick bag, etc. Keep from direct sunlight.

As with any drum stick, they will eventually break but should last longer than the hardwood, "McBundle Rods".


"First Class" shipping is included in the price and...

Much like US made drum sets, these are premiums, handcrafted in Massachusetts for great sound (and nearly double the longevity as the "Mc Bundle Rods").

Plus, as they wear, the sound actually mellows!

The birch dowel brands start out sounding harsh, then, as "snap-a-tosis" ensues; sigh...

Customization and "last minute" responsiveness for touring artists is a possibility with DEM'Sticks. Direct communication is in effect as well.

A few Cautions !  

* You'll use slightly different muscles with these. Acclimate and don't over do it at first.

* Individual rods WILL DEFORM IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT  (car dashboards, patio tables, etc.).

* Roll O-Rings carefully up and down the sticks; though I do sand the reeds carefully, rarely, a bamboo splinter  may  try to find it's way into you. An occasional inspection & sanding with 220 grit sandpaper will help prevent splinters.       * As with all drumming implements, they wear out eventually break and take flight during play!                                       * These products are for adults, NOT children.

*** Keep them away from children (choking hazard, eye hazard, unknown dyes &

 sealers, etc.).


Disclaimer: The user assumes the entire risk related to use of "DEM'Sticks" products including (without limitation) any implied warranties of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will David P. Deming be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages or lost profit resulting from any use or misuse of this product. All products are for adult use and handling only. Keep away from children. Potential choke hazard, unknown dyes & sealers used. Rods can break off or cause splinters. Handle with care. Do not expose to direct sunlight or high heat (Patio tables, car dash boards, open flame, heaters, etc).

                                                                         © All RIGHTS RESERVED DEM'STICKS 2015


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