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Carter McLean

Carter McLean (LION KING on Broadway, Charlie Hunter) layin' down some super exciting grooves with the new ZEBRA SERIES FANS created specifically for Carter, and now for you too!  Carter has a great lesson series: and a really inspiring Instagram page @cartermac

...and again, Carter McLean adds his beautiful touch to this Bill Frisell song, "Stacks" using #50 African Fans (flat handle).

Steve Jordan

Yes! Musical director, producer, songwriter, drummer, (SNL, Letterman, Keith Richards, Rolling Stones, ...) THAT Steve Jordan. Big thanks to Steve for the kind shout- out about the DEM'Sticks O.P.S. series which he used on tour with The Rolling Stones European tour 2022!  ("Angie" lick?)

 Bertram Lehmann

"Exited to be able to share a little plug for DEM' Sticks via a track and video done recently during a recording of some documentary film music. This composition, "Todavia" by Nando Michelin, really called for the kind of texture the African Fans can deliver so nicely, soft yet articulate sounds on both cymbals and drums, and also in conjuntion with regular sticks. I was able to play both dynamically sensitive but still rhythmically driving if needed. For the final seconds of the piece the Spectrum rods also get a touch of usage. Great tools, highly recommended!!"

Bertram is using  "AFRICAN FANS"  40 rod - flat handle


When not on tour with Paul Simon or Bokante' (see video), Jamey is traveling the world recording and performing with the best of everyone else!

The former Berklee Professor (now Oberlin College) has helped countless aspiring musicians to become stars in their own right. Groovy, brilliantly innovative and generous....That's Jamey Haddad!

Flyin' a pair of #50 ZEBRA FANS (RH) and 

#50 African Fans (LH) below.

Bob Meyer

One of the heaviest Jazz drummers on the New York scene for decades;  Bob Meyer folks!!

He prefers Lang Ying custom round brooms for their speed and balance. With bamboo in the mix of the corn, the rebound is "just right".

Dig his world at: and on youtube, FB & Insta.  

He's Beautiful....



DEM'Sticks is super honored to have made it onto their first CD, "Strange Circles" and their newest, Grammy nominated CD with The Metropole Orkest, "What Heat"!

You'll see Keita Ogawa playing AFRICAN FANS @  around 2:19 seconds in.


Featuring these jaw dropping folks!


Malika Tirolien - vocals
Roosevelt Collier - lap and pedal steel guitars
Jamey Haddad - percussion
Keita Ogawa - percussion
André Ferrari - percussion
Bob Lanzetti - guitar
Chris McQueen - guitar
Michael League Plays Music - baritone guitar

Cinematography - Andy LaViolette


Bokante' + The Metropole Orkest

Check out master percussionist Jamey Haddad (@ 3.45, center) add African Fan texture to this already beautiful arrangement!

Tim Roberts

Master Cymbalsmith Tim Roberts kindly talks about DEM'Sticks! 

Check out Stack Ring Percussion, Reverie Drums, and Tim's cymbal retuning!

Sylvie Bourban

Marcelo is also a member of  the percussion brotherhood of Grammy winning SNARKY PUPPY !!

He rotates in an out of BANDA MAGDA in addition to many other world class groups of musicans. DEM'Sticks have made it on to his beautiful new CD, "Mundo Por Conocer" !!

Check out Marcelo making perfect use of the AFRICAN FANS in this beautiful new composition featuring Sylvie Bourban!

Marcelo Woloski

Billy Martin

Although most recognized for his work with Medeski, Martin and Wood, Billy's creative force seems boundless; Art, Composition, Film, Education...Wow!  Here he's taken up a pair of Lang Ying Flat Brooms.

Check out all things Billy (aka illyb) at

Sonny Curtis Page Ratcliff

NYC Editor / Producer / drummer Sonny Curtis Page Ratcliff beautifully shows off the sonic texture of the small, Omar Lights on his metal, tongue drum.

DEM'Sticks #50 African Fans

Tim Rowe

Ladies & Gentleman, meet the amazing artist, and drummer for the Oakland, Ca. based band "Crying Time".

Please check out not only his band but his totally unique videos, "How to Play the Drums by Tim Rowe" on social media.  They are QUITE the unexpected pleasure as is this video!

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