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Bamboo, bundle rod drum sticks that SOUND WARMER and LAST  LONGER.


Your sound engineer & band mates will notice the difference and so will your wallet!!


 ADD NEW SOUND TEXTURES to your playing...





Paul Thibodeaux

New Orleans, La.

"My man! I played em at Snug Harbor and Blue Nile last week. They set such a unique vibe, I love em!"

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Bundle Rod Drum Sticks and "Fans"


Omar Sosa & Gustavo Ovalles

Dem' Sticks

Dem' Sticks

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What a great honor (and great fun) to have on this site, these musical giants.

Seven time Grammy nominated Cuban pianist, composer and bandleader, Omar Sosa and the Venezuelan percussion artist Gustavo Ovalles!!

They tour the world so please, treat yourself to one of their performances. It's WHY we all love music so much!   Tour dates and CDs by the dozen @


 Andre' Ferrari

Swedish percussionist Andre' Ferrari playing custom made 10" DEM'Sticks!

When not touring with Väsen, he appears alongside a long list of great Swedish artists such as Eva Dahlgren, Anders Glenmark...PLUS....guest dates with Snarky Puppy and along side Keita Ogawa & Jamie Haddad in "Bokante'!

Marcelo Woloski


Multi Grammy award winning Argentinian percussionist / composer with Snarky Puppy, Banda Magda, Sophia Ribeiro is diggin' on his new set of DEM'Sticks (Spectrums).



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